Beaver Scouts are the youngest section. They range from 6 to 8 years of age. It’s where we start the adventure and the emphasis is maximum fun. Don’t let our cute factor fool you as we can be as adventurous and daring as any other Scouts. While we are having fun we still get to play with others so that we know how to get along with other people. Beaver Scouts are organised in small groups called Lodges. There is normally around 5 people in each Lodge. The Lodges are collected together in what we call a Colony. We also take on tasks so that we find out about responsibility. We learn lots of new skills by doing them but the most important thing is that we do it with other people, especially our friends.



3 responses to “Beavers

  1. Stephanie Forte


    Just wondering if you have any places for my little boy who’s 7 years old. He has asd (autism spectrum disorder) but enable Ireland told me that you have children with special needs. Ben is a high functioning autistic child who is very socialable so I think he would enjoy being in the beavers with other children.

    My number is 087 7456806. I’d appreciate it if someone could contact me back.

    Kind regards

    Stephanie Forte

  2. Hi my name is Tara and I was just wondering if u would have a space for my son Christopher. He is very excited about joining ,he is 7 in June thanks very much

    • Hi Tara, thanks for getting in touch. If you go to the Downloads tab on our website you’ll find an application form that you can print and post to the address on it. All applications are done by post and we’ll be in touch when a place is available.
      Thanks again, Rufina.

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